Sendust Cores  /  Iron Powder Cores



Sendust Core has high operating frequency, high saturation current and can be designed for thermal aging free up to 200oC. The core is not easy breakdown up to 200oC when exposed to elevated environment temperature or generate elevated temperature by itself. A High Current Inductor (low height / low buzz noise / low DCR / low inductance) is consisted by coil and cores ( E+E or E+I ).It can divide to Sendust core, Fe-Si core, High Flux core and suitable for Notebook, Desktop computer, Server, VGA card , DC/DC converter and PDA. Iron Powder Core is toroidal shape core with epoxy coating, suitable for Power Choke.



sendust core



DR series



2.58 x 0.75~1.25 mm


2.5 x 2.15 x 0.9 mm



6.4 x 6.4   


(I)       (E) 




10 x 7   


(I)            (E)




10 x 10   


(I)       (E)




10.4 x 10.3   


(I)        (E)





   12.1 x 12.1   


(I)        (E) 




12.5 x 9   


(I)           (E) 




12.7 x 12.7   


(I)        (E) 




13.5 x 10.9   


(I)          (E) 




18 x 18   


(I)        (E)




22 x 15.5   


(E)       (E)




28.5 x 11.4   


(E)   (E)






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