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Crown Ferrite Enterprise Co. , established on March 1991 , is a manufacturer for Absorbers, Ferrite Cores, Sendust Cores, Iron Powder Cores and EMI coils.


The application for EMI / RFI / Microwave Absorber is very wide. Flexible Absorbent Material (FAM) include soft rubber type and flexible sintered ferrite sheet with higher permeability. FAM can be a EMI solution for high frequency noise, and an anti-metal solution for RFID / NFC (Near Field Communication) technology on metal surface. It is suitable for LF (125KHz) and HF (13.56MHz) bands to deal with the malfunction problems when RFID Reader/Writer or RFID tag attached on metal (recover maximum 80% efficiency of the original distance). If FAM be a shielding material for Wireless Charger (WPC / Qi), the magnetic flux path from the coil / magnet can be changed to avoid couple to the other elements to generate EMI problems. Also reduce heat generated when the receiver coil attached on the mobile device's battery (metal) cause eddy current and power conversion efficiency decrease. The Ferrite Tile for Anechoic Chamber has been not only accepted by many local labs and hi-tech companies but also exported to markets world-wide. The order quantity is up to 2,000Kpcs. If Ferrite Tile combine with Wide Band Pyramidal Absorber (WPA), the work frequency will increase to 18GHz from 1GHz. High Frequency Absorbent and Thermal Conduction Composite (FAM-5GS6) can be an electromagnetic waves absorber and a thermal conduction material at the same time. It is suitable for the medium and low bands (FR1) below 6 GHz (Sub6G) in 5G NR (New Radio) technology. Cement Type Absorber (CTA) is suitable for buildings and avoid secondary electromagnetic radiation pollution caused by continuous reflection of electromagnetic waves.


Ferrite core is Ni-Zn material system, the main application is suppression EMI problem for all kinds of cable. Many kinds of core can be choose for different inquire. Split EMI Suppression Core (CF Series) consists with a nylon plastic case and two half ferrite cores. It can be clamped on cable easily so don’t need cut the existing cable firstly and can suppress high frequency noise from cables to save the time before marketing.  The application for Ferrite Plate core (FP series) is wide. It can be attached on the microprocessor, FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) or FPC (Flex Printed Circuit) to suppression EMI problem. Or be a shielding material for Wireless Charger (WPC / Qi) to change the magnetic flux path from TX / RX to avoid the impact on other devices.


Sendust Core has high operating frequency, high saturation current, and low DCR, which can enhance the stability of the system. It can divide to Sendust core, Fe-Si core, High Flux core. With the SMD design, it is often used in Notebook, Desktop computer, Server, VGA card, DC-DC converter, PDA and etc. High Current Sendust Core and Iron Powder Core can be designed for thermal aging free up to 200oC. Cores will not breakdown up to 200oC when exposed to elevated environment temperature or generate elevated temperature by itself.


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