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Cement Type Absorber (CTA)



EMI / RFI Absorbers, Cement Type Absorber



Cement Type Absorber (CTA) is a cement material with high percentage absorbing material. CTA can reduce the electromagnetic waves entering the room through the outer wall of the building. If the electromagnetic wave is from outdoor but not completely absorbed, or generated by indoor electrical equipment, the electromagnetic waves can be reduced again and again when electromagnetic waves reflected to the CTA surface and to avoid secondary electromagnetic radiation pollution caused by continuous reflection of electromagnetic waves.


CTA has the advantages of high strength, good weather resistance, long service life, non-flammability, etc. CTA is suitable for buildings, and can decide whether to construction on single or multi-wall and the thickness of each wall, especially suitable for uneven curved walls. The use method as general cement, just add water and stir evenly before construction. It can be applied quickly and efficiently in large areas without to assemble piece by piece. And can be applied together in the wall grouting period, precast concrete, cement spraying, or directly applied to the wall. But please notice, do not use metal-containing paint on CTA surface or it will not work.




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Features : 

· Electromagnetic waves absorbing material

· Use method as general cement

· Just add water and stir evenly before construction

· Applied quickly and efficiently in large areas

· High strength, good weather resistance

· Long service life

· Non-flammability

· Suitable for buildings

· Thickness can be determined according to the needs

· Suitable for uneven curved walls

EMI / RFI Absorbers, Cement Type Absorber



Reference Characteristics : 



Reference Weight :

(The actual weight will vary depending on the construction method and operation method.)



Weight (ref)

1m x 1m x 10.0 mm

27.0 Kg

1m x 1m x 8.0 mm

21.6 Kg

1m x 1m x 6.0 mm

16.2 Kg

1m x 1m x 4.0 mm

10.8 Kg

1m x 1m x 2.0 mm

5.4 Kg




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